West 44 specializes in marketing and sales tactics. We act as an outsourced marketing and sales department for small businesses that do not require a full time marketing department. Many of our clients are extremely busy running their businesses; they find that marketing and sales falls to the wayside. That's where West 44 comes in. Whether it is a single project or constant support, we help our clients surpass their goals by getting the work done in an efficient, effective manner. We spend time analyzing the businesses but most of our time is spent implementing initiatives designed to grow our clients' businesses!

West 44 was founded on the principle that "smart marketing" is a catalyst for business growth. "Smart marketing" dictates that for every marketing expenditure, there must be a tangible return on investment that can be accurately measured through increased sales.

Our Philosophy

  • Passion for results.
  • Demanding excellence.
  • Propelling your business forward.

    Here is what one of West44's clients has to say:

    "Sara has served Advocate Networks as our Marketing Advisor since 2006. She possesses a wide range of Marketing and Business Development knowledge and experience that works well with the growth plan of our business. Sara's network of experts in the field of marketing, web development, public relations and communications has been very valuable. I give Sara and West44 my highest recommendation as a Marketing and Business Professional."

    Scott Fogle
    Founder and Co-President
    Advocate Networks

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